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Brief Introduction

Brief Introduction of Shanghai Yueyang Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine Hospital

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  Shanghai Yueyang Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded in 1976. It is a Class A tertiary comprehensive integrated traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine hospital, committed to delivering clinical care, scientific research and medical education. It is designated by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine as one of the national key integrated Chinese medicine and Western medicine hospitals.

  Its network is made up of three campuses, with one main campus in Da Bai-shu center and the other two located in Qin Hai Road Specialists Clinic and Shanghai Acupuncture Meridian Institute. Along with four branches of the hospital located in Chongming district, Minghang district, Haikou district and Yiwu district, and the hospital offers its medical services throughout the whole city. It has a well-equipped rehabilitation medical center, a PCR laboratory certified by the Ministry of Health and a traditional Chinese medicine preparation facilities with the certifacation of GMP. The hospital has 31 clinical departments, 8 medical and technical support departments, 1150 open beds and more than 1600 employees at post.

  Through the efforts of several generations of “Yueyang Staff ”, the hospital has succeeded in integrating the resources and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine and having a special feature of its own, especially in the field of non-drug therapy (acupuncture, massage, rehabilitation and etc.). YueYang Hospital is our national key clinical specialty of traditional Chinese medicine,as well as the Shanghai top priority traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and massage clinical center and Shanghai International Acupuncture Training Center.

  Currently, the hospital hosts more than 110 specialist outpatient clinics including 5 National Key Clinical Departments of traditional Chinese medicine and 13 National key clinical departments of state administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Massage disciplines, acupuncture disciplines, Chinese and Western medicine clinical disciplines, Chinese medicine hematology, Chinese medicine gynecology, Chinese medicine rehabilitation, Chinese medicine dermatology, Chinese medicine treatment of disease prevention are features of the hospital, including the diseases of the spine, stroke, Pregnancy disorders, chronic aplastic anemia, gout, ulcerative colitis, cervical vertigo, female menopausal syndrome, tinnitus and deafness, hemorrhoids, stress urinary incontinence and etc. which support all the patients in need. All these disciplines have reached national or municipal leading level.

  The spirit of “Excellence, Healing, Compassion, Respect” has been passed on from generations to generations of the hospital, during which a concept of "To inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine practice, education and research" has formed.